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Surfaces 2013-2019

Surfaces is a floor installation made of accumulation of hand cut recycled rubber sheets. Often accompanied by time-based media projects, this work explores the idea of memory-space. I approach memory as a subjective experience of time with three distinct zones: 1) the surface of recognition; 2) the surface of forgetfulness; and 3) the in-between zone. The surface of recognition has the most immediate experiences that are instantly visualized in our mind. The surface of forgetfulness is the place where remote memories are pulverized, accumulated, and forgotten. They are invisible and unimaginable but nonetheless they are the most essential part of the self. The in-between zone is a space of flux where forgotten and remembered memories are dissolved together forming a constantly morphing landscape of individual’s reality. From the distance, this open ended floor installation looks like a limitlessly expanding flat land. As the viewers get closer, they become aware of individual forms and dimensionality of the installation. 

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