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Soundscape I: The Walk, 2min 12sec, 2021

Soundscape is a series of experimental animations that explore sound ecology and visualization of it through animated abstract forms. They involve field recordings, repeated deep listening, manipulation and composition of sounds, and visualization of them.

soundscapes II.png

Soundscape II: A Visual Response to Morton Feldman's Durations III, 8min 7sec, 2022 

This project was part of "Five Durations" multimedia concert event on April 3, 2022 at the Mercantile Library, Cincinnati, OH. The event was co-organized by concert:nova and The Response Project.

View a digital version of this event here.


Soundscape III: Durations, 4min 4sec, 2022

A remix of Soundscape II synchronized with processed ambient noises.

Waterdog, 6min 53sec, 2022

 This work explores a zone, a mind-space where seen, felt, external stimuli, and inner responses merge together into a flux of sounds and abstract images.

Transit, 7min 45sec, 2022

This project explores a spatio-temporal experience as a driver. Taking the car as an intersection between a framed landscape and an extension of my body, this work captures a sensation of moving through a flux of time and multiple perspectives.


XYZ, 6min 34sec, 2010

This project explores memory-space as a floating, timeless, and limitless zone of transformation. 

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